Have you ever lost your phone and spent hours trying to find it? The Alexa skill Find My Phone can call your phone so that you can find it.

First say: “Alexa, find my phone.”

Alexa will then ask for your phone number. Once you have given her your phone number, she will text you a security code.

After you have given Alexa the security code, you can now use the skill at anytime.

Say: “Alexa, find my phone.” Alexa will then call your phone.

You can also add other phone numbers. Say: “Alexa, ask find my phone to add another number.” then follow her instructions.

To have Alexa call the other numbers say: “Alexa, ask find my phone to call (name).”

Try it out.  Go to the Amazon Skill page and enable it on your Echo Dot. Find My Phone