How to Make a Shopping list
This is very convenient. When you run at of items, you can quickly tell Alexa to add that item to your shopping list. You can find your shopping list on your Alexa App.

“Alexa, add eggs to my shopping list”
“Alexa, add milk to my shopping list”

You can enable the Follow-up Mode on your Alexa App on your phone which allows you to add several items to your list with out saying the wake word “Alexa”

All you need to say is:
“Alexa, add cereal to my shopping list”   followed with
“add water”
“add coffee”

and Alexa will add all items to your shopping list if you have the Follow-up Mode set up on your Alexa app.

You can also create other list by saying
“Alexa,create [name of list] list”
“Alexa, create Vacation Packing list.

To add items
“Alexa, add camera to Vacation Packing list.

You can clear all items from a list by saying

“Alexa, clear [name of list] list.”