With Alexa, you can now wake up to music!  Wake up to your favorite artist or genre or your favorite radio station every morning instead of that annoying ringing sound.

Alexa does have 15 custom sounds or 10 celebrity sounds that you can choose from your Alexa app on your phone, but if get tired of that, why not try waking up to music.

To set your alarm, simply say:

“Alexa, wake me up at 5:30am everyday to music”

Maybe you want to wake up to the news. Say:
“Alexa, set an alarm for 7 am using BBC news on TuneIn”

“Alexa, wake me up at 7 am to [insert radio station] on TuneIn”
“Alexa, wake me up to [insert favorite artist name] at 8 am”
“Alexa, wake me up to [insert favorite genre] music at 8 am”

This works with Amazon’s music services as well as Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn, SiriusXM and iHeartRadio.