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Alexa, Set a timer

Set a timer I love this feature when cooking dinner. Many times, I need to set several times that run at the same time while making a large dinner. I love that I can set these timers using voice commands. There’s no need to...

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Alexa, What is the Weather?

What is the weather? I’m so bad at checking the weather. With Alexa, we just simply say “Alexa, what is the weather”. Alexa will give you the weather report for your area. You can ask for the whole week or a particular day. She...

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Alexa, announce that dinner’s ready

Now there is a cool way to announce to your family that dinner is ready. When you use this command “Alexa, announce that dinner is ready” an announcement will go out to all the Echo devices in the house. It will do...

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Our Alexa Skills

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Recent Alexa Skills

  1. Alexa, are you a robot?
  2. Alexa, are you alive?
  3. Alexa, are you crazy?
  4. Alexa, are you evil?
  5. Alexa, are you God?
  6. Alexa, are you happy?
  7. Alexa, are you human?
  8. Alexa, are you hungry/thirsty?
  9. Alexa, are you in love?
  10. Alexa, are you my mother?
  11. Alexa, are you pretty?
  12. Alexa, are you real?
  13. Alexa, are you single?
  14. Alexa, are you smart?
  15. Alexa, are you smoking?
  16. Alexa, are you spying on me?
  17. Alexa, are you stupid?
  18. Alexa, are you working?
  19. Alexa, can I tell you a joke?
  20. Alexa, can I tell you a secret?
  21. Alexa, can we be friends?
  22. Alexa, can you dance?
  23. Alexa, can you lie?
  24. Alexa, can you pass the Turing test?
  25. Alexa, do you believe in aliens?
  26. Alexa, do you believe in ghosts?
  27. Alexa, do you believe in god?
  28. Alexa, do you believe in life after love?
  29. Alexa, do you believe in love at first sight?
  30. Alexa, do you dream?
  31. Alexa, do you have a boyfriend?
  32. Alexa, do you have a brain?
  33. Alexa, do you have a girlfriend?
  34. Alexa, do you have a heart?
  35. Alexa, do you have a last name?
  36. Alexa, do you have any brothers or sisters?
  37. Alexa, do you have any new features?
  38. Alexa, do you have any pets?
  39. Alexa, do you know everything?
  40. Alexa, do you know Siri?
  41. Alexa, do you know the way to San Jose?
  42. Alexa, do you like green eggs and ham?
  43. Alexa, do you love me?
  44. Alexa, do you smoke?
  45. Alexa, do you want to go on a date?
  46. Alexa, how did you get your name?
  47. Alexa, how high can you count?
  48. Alexa, how much are you paid?
  49. Alexa, how much do you weigh?
  50. Alexa, how old are you?
  51. Alexa, how tall are you?
  52. Alexa, sorry.
  53. Alexa, were you sleeping?
  54. Alexa, what are you made of?
  55. Alexa, what are you thankful for?
  56. Alexa, what are you wearing?
  57. Alexa, what color are your eyes?
  58. Alexa, what color is your hair?
  59. Alexa, what do you look like?
  60. Alexa, what do you think about Apple?
  61. Alexa, what do you think about Cortana?
  62. Alexa, what do you think about Google Glass?
  63. Alexa, what do you think about Google Now?
  64. Alexa, what do you think about Google?
  65. Alexa, what do you think about Siri?
  66. Alexa, what do you want for your birthday?
  67. Alexa, what do you want to be when you grow up?
  68. Alexa, what is your cunning plan?
  69. Alexa, what is your dream job?
  70. Alexa, what is your favorite book?
  71. Alexa, what is your favorite candy?
  72. Alexa, what is your favorite color?
  73. Alexa, what is your favorite drink?
  74. Alexa, what is your favorite food/drink?
  75. Alexa, what is your favorite ice cream?
  76. Alexa, what is your feature?
  77. Alexa, what is your quest?
  78. Alexa, what language do you speak?
  79. Alexa, what makes you happy?
  80. Alexa, what number are you thinking of?
  81. Alexa, what religion are you?
  82. Alexa, what size shoe do you wear?
  83. Alexa, what’s your favorite food?
  84. Alexa, what’s your problem?
  85. Alexa, what’s your birthday?
  86. Alexa, what’s your sign?
  87. Alexa, when is your birthday?
  88. Alexa, when were you born?
  89. Alexa, where are you from?
  90. Alexa, where did you grow up?
  91. Alexa, where do you live?
  92. Alexa, who are you?
  93. Alexa, who did you vote for?
  94. Alexa, who is your best friend?
  95. Alexa, who is your inspiration?
  96. Alexa, who is your role model?
  97. Alexa, who’s your celebrity crush?
  98. Alexa, who’s better, you or Siri?
  99. Alexa, who’s your baby daddy?
  100. Alexa, who’s your daddy?
  101. Alexa, will you be my girlfriend?
  102. Alexa, you’re wonderful.
  1. Alexa, what’s the weather like?
  2. Alexa, will it [rain] [today]?
  3. Alexa, will it [snow] [tomorrow]?
  4. Alexa, what temperature is it right now?
  5. Alexa, what’s the extended weather forecast?
  6. Alexa, will I need an umbrella today?
  7. Alexa, what’s the weather going to be like [this weekend]?
  8. Alexa, what’s the weather in [London]?
  9. Alexa, will it snow tonight?
  1. Alexa, how is traffic?
  2. Alexa, what’s my commute?
  3. Alexa, what’s traffic like right now?
  1. Alexa, give me a hug.
  2. Alexa, high five!
  3. Alexa, give me a kiss
  4. Alexa, clap
  5. Alexa, tell me a secret
  6. Alexa, show me the t.v.
  7. Alexa, you’re fat
  8. Alexa, you hurt me
  9. Alexa, not everything is a question
  10. Alexa, I’m hungry
  11. Alexa, you rock

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