How to set up Alexa to control TV

Fire TV and Alexa

You can use Alexa enabled devices (Dot, Show) to control you Fire TV device through voice commands. Before you start, make sure your Fire TV and (Echo Dot) are already set up.

1. Go to your Alexa app and select the Music, Videos, & Books tab.

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Spin The Wheel

We have created our first Alexa Skill called “Spin The Wheel” Click here or on the...

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Our Alexa Skills

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Recent Alexa Skills

  1. Alexa, what’s the weather like?
  2. Alexa, will it [rain] [today]?
  3. Alexa, will it [snow] [tomorrow]?
  4. Alexa, what temperature is it right now?
  5. Alexa, what’s the extended weather forecast?
  6. Alexa, will I need an umbrella today?
  7. Alexa, what’s the weather going to be like [this weekend]?
  8. Alexa, what’s the weather in [London]?
  9. Alexa, will it snow tonight?
  1. Alexa, how is traffic?
  2. Alexa, what’s my commute?
  3. Alexa, what’s traffic like right now?
  1. Alexa, give me a hug.
  2. Alexa, high five!
  3. Alexa, give me a kiss
  4. Alexa, clap
  5. Alexa, tell me a secret
  6. Alexa, show me the t.v.
  7. Alexa, you’re fat
  8. Alexa, you hurt me
  9. Alexa, not everything is a question
  10. Alexa, I’m hungry
  11. Alexa, you rock
  1. Alexa, what was the score of the [Sports team] game?
  2. Alexa, did the [Sports team] win?
  3. Alexa, when do the [Sports team] play next?

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