Here is a database of all the possible commands you can use with Alexa


  1. Alexa, what’s the weather like?
  2. Alexa, will it [rain] [today]?
  3. Alexa, will it [snow] [tomorrow]?
  4. Alexa, what temperature is it right now?
  5. Alexa, what’s the extended weather forecast?
  6. Alexa, will I need an umbrella today?
  7. Alexa, what’s the weather going to be like [this weekend]?
  8. Alexa, what’s the weather in [London]?
  9. Alexa, will it snow tonight?
  1. Alexa, how is traffic?
  2. Alexa, what’s my commute?
  3. Alexa, what’s traffic like right now?
  1. Alexa, give me a hug.
  2. Alexa, high five!
  3. Alexa, give me a kiss
  4. Alexa, clap
  5. Alexa, tell me a secret
  6. Alexa, show me the t.v.
  7. Alexa, you’re fat
  8. Alexa, you hurt me
  9. Alexa, not everything is a question
  10. Alexa, I’m hungry
  11. Alexa, you rock
  1. Alexa, what was the score of the [Sports team] game?
  2. Alexa, did the [Sports team] win?
  3. Alexa, when do the [Sports team] play next?
  1. Alexa, buy more [deodorant].
  2. Alexa, reorder [deodorant].
  3. Alexa, where’s my stuff?
  4. Alexa, track my order.
  5. Alexa, add [item] to my cart.
  6. Alexa, buy this song.
  7. Alexa, buy this album.
  8. Alexa, shop for new music by [artist].
  9. Alexa, buy [song or album] by [artist].
  10. Alexa, what are your deals?
  1. Alexa, what did I miss?
  2. Alexa, what are my notifications?
  3. Alexa, next.
  4. Alexa, previous.
  5. Alexa, delete all of my notifications.
  1. Alexa, what’s my Flash Briefing?
  2. Alexa, what’s in the news?
  3. Alexa, what’s up?
  4. Alexa, what’s new?
  1. Alexa, let’s chat.
  2. Alexa, tell me a story.
  3. Alexa, tell me a random fact.
  4. Alexa, tell me something interesting.
  5. Alexa, roll a dice.
  6. Alexa, roll a [26-sided] die.
  7. Alexa, flip a coin.
  8. Alexa, heads or tails?
  9. Alexa, pick a number between [1] and [50].
  10. Alexa, what number are you thinking of?
  11. Alexa, rock, paper, scissors.
  12. Alexa, pick a card.
  13. Alexa, do you want to play a game?
  14. Alexa, what are the Seven Wonders of the World?
  15. Alexa, Simon says, [Jump]
  1. Alexa, what movies are playing?
  2. Alexa, what [genre] movies are playing [future time]?
  3. Alexa, what is the IMDb rating for [movie or TV show]?
  4. Alexa, who plays in [movie or TV show]?
  5. Alexa, who plays [character] in [movie or TV show]?
  6. Alexa, what was [actor]’s first movie?
  7. Alexa, what is [actor]’s latest movie?
  8. Alexa, how many Oscars has [actor] won?
  9. Alexa, give me a [title] quote.
  10. Alexa, tell me about the movie, [title].
  11. Alexa, what is your favorite movie?
  12. Alexa, find [title].
  13. Alexa, find [genre].
  1. Alexa, what’s [number] plus [number]?
  2. Alexa, what’s [number] minus [number]?
  3. Alexa, what’s [number] times [number]?
  4. Alexa, what’s [number] divided by [number]?
  5. Alexa, what’s [number] squared?
  6. Alexa, what’s the square root of [number]?
  7. Alexa, what’s [number] cubed?
  8. Alexa, what’s [number] to the power of [number]?
  9. Alexa, [number] factorial.
  10. Alexa, how many [units] are in [units]?
  11. Alexa, how many [units] are in 2 [units]?
  12. Alexa, what is [3%] of [number]?
  13. Alexa, is [number] a prime number?
  14. Alexa, what’s the value of Pi (to [number] decimal places)?
  15. Alexa, divide by zero.
  1. Alexa, add [go to the grocery store] to my to-do list.
  2. Alexa, I need to make an appointment with [the doctor].
  3. Alexa, create a to-do.
  4. Alexa, add [eggs] to my shopping list.
  5. Alexa, I need to buy [laundry detergent].
  6. Alexa, reminder.
  7. Alexa, remind me to check the oven in [5 minutes].
  8. Alexa, what are my reminders [this weekend]?
  9. Alexa, what reminders do I have [tomorrow]?”
  10. Alexa, add garbage bags to my shopping list.
  11. Alexa, I need to make an eye appointment.
  12. Alexa, put rotate tires on my to-do list.
  13. Alexa, I need to buy toilet paper.
  14. Alexa, create a to-do.
  1. Alexa, what’s the definition of [word]?
  2. Alexa, how do you spell [word]?
  3. Alexa, what’s another word for [word]?
  4. Alexa, what’s the opposite of [word]?
  5. Alexa, what rhymes with [word]?
  6. Alexa, what’s the longest word in the English language?
  7. Alexa, tell me a palindrome.
  8. Alexa, what’s the word of the day?
  9. Alexa, give me a spelling bee word.
  10. Alexa, how do you say [phrase] in [Spanish/German/Portugese/etc].
  1. Alexa, sing a Christmas carol.
  2. Alexa, play Christmas Sounds.
  3. Alexa, read “The Night Before Christmas.”
  4. Alexa, play songs for baking holiday cookies.
  5. Alexa, tell me a snowman joke.
  6. Alexa, what’s your favorite holiday movie?
  7. Alexa, what are the top holiday movies?
  8. Alexa, sing me a holiday song.
  9. Alexa, open my gift.
  1. Alexa, how do you make [carrot cake]?
  2. Alexa, how do you boil an egg?
  3. Alexa, find me a nearby [Chinese] restaurant.


Cooking Measurements

  1. Alexa, how many [teaspoons] are in [cup]?
  2. Alexa, how many [cups] are in [pint]?
  1. Alexa, call [name].
  2. Alexa, call [###-###-####].
  3. Alexa, answer the call.
  4. Alexa, answer.
  5. Alexa, hang up.
  6. Alexa, end the call.
  7. Alexa, message [name].
  8. Alexa, send [name] a message.
  9. Alexa, play messages.

Drop in on another Echo Dot or Echo Show

  1. Alexa, drop in on [room/location].
  2. Alexa, drop in on [name].
  1. Alexa, cancel.
  2. Alexa, disable [skill].
  3. Alexa, enable [skill].
  4. Alexa, help.
  5. Alexa, louder.
  6. Alexa, mute.
  7. Alexa, open [skill].
  8. Alexa, repeat.
  9. Alexa, set volume to [10].
  10. Alexa, set volume to [5].
  11. Alexa, softer.
  12. Alexa, stop.
  13. Alexa, turn down the volume.
  14. Alexa, turn it down.
  15. Alexa, turn up the volume.
  16. Alexa, unmute.
  17. Alexa, volume [1-10].


  1. Alexa, when’s my alarm set for?
  2. Alexa, when’s my next alarm?
  3. Alexa, set a repeating alarm for [weekdays at 7 a.m.].
  4. Alexa, set an alarm for [7 a.m.].
  5. Alexa, set the alarm for 7:45 a.m.
  6. Alexa, wake me up at [7 in the morning].
  7. Alexa, wake me up at 5 in the morning.
  8. Alexa, cancel my alarm for [2 p.m.]
  9. Alexa, cancel the [15 minute timer].
  10. Alexa, cancel the alarm.
  11. Alexa, snooze. (when alarm is sounding)
  12. Alexa, stop. (when alarm or timer is sounding)

Dates & Time

  1. Alexa, what time is it?
  2. Alexa, what’s the date?
  3. Alexa, when is [holiday] this year?
  4. Alexa, when it’s [9am] in [New York], what time is it in [ Denver]?


  1. Alexa, set a [pot roast] timer for [20 minutes].
  2. Alexa, how much time is left on the [pot roast] timer?
  3. Alexa, cancel the [pot roast] timer.
  4. Alexa, set a [second] timer for [5 minutes].
  5. Alexa, how much time is left on my timer?
  6. Alexa, timer.
  7. Alexa, set a timer for [15 minutes].
  8. Alexa, what are my timers?
  1. Alexa, what’s on my calendar?
  2. Alexa, what’s on the calendar [this weekend].
  3. Alexa, what is my next appointment?
  4. Alexa, create a new appointment.
  5. Alexa, add [event] to my calendar for [day] at [time].
  6. Alexa, add an event to my calendar.
  7. Alexa, what’s on the schedule?
  8. Alexa, how many days until [date]?
  9. Alexa, how many days until [holiday]?
  10. Alexa, when is the first day of [season]?
  11. Alexa, when is the [Spring Equinox]?
  12. Alexa, when does daylight savings time start?
  13. Alexa, how many years has it been since [1776]?
  14. Alexa, when is the next full moon?
  15. Alexa, what time will the sun rise on [date]?
  16. Alexa, move my meeting at noon to 3 p.m.