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We love technology and have worked on the bleeding edge of what is happening for over 30 years. From working on the internet from the beginning , to medical devices, and on line trading platforms. You name it, we have been there done that.We not only love working with technology we work hard to make sure it gets done on time, under budget, in the best way.


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Whether it is building the coolest web site, working on cutting edge IoT technology, Alexa and Google Voice application or general software development, we are the team for you.

Web Site

We have been building HTML apps since the internet began. We can build you a cool WordPress site that will amaze your friends and attract new customers.

Internet Of Things

We love technology and IoT is close to our hearts. Let us partner with you and design then next cool gadget.

Voice Applications

Whether it is Amazon Alexa or Google Home,  we have expertise in developing applications in one of the hottest markets around.


We have been developing since  there were computers. Tap into our years of experience to develop your next application.

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Can You Spot the Keyboard Hiding Among the Zebras?

Can You Spot the Keyboard Hiding Among the Zebras?

There is a piano keyboard hidden in this picture. Look carefully and see if you can find it. The record was 58 sec but typically it is far more. So when you give up then click the link to see where it is. #Puzzle Source: Can You Spot the Keyboard Hiding Among the...

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Arduino Nano controlled Christmas Lights

Arduino Nano controlled Christmas Lights

Gearing up for Christmas? Planning for the next one? Why not go ahead and create your own light show using the Arduino Nano? In this video I walk though building Christmas lights using the Arduino Nano and a strand of LED lights. I will touch on the design itself...

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